ir·reg·u·lar   [ih-reg-yuh-ler}
1) lacking uniformity or symmetry; uneven in shape, position, arrangement, etc
2) uneven rate, occurrence, or duration
3) not conforming to established rules, customs, etiquette, etc.
4) not according to rule, or to the accepted principle, method, course, order, etc.

Irregular Productions is an Adelaide-based production company. Established in 2010 by Peter Johns, Irregular Productions is dedicated to producing unique and high-quality performances featuring local performers.

Featuring some of Adelaide’s best musical theatre talent, Irregular Productions presented its inaugural show, Jason Robert Brown’s ‘Songs For A New World’, at the Opera Studio in January 2011, and was nominated for an ATG Curtain Call award for Best Female Performance.

In 2012, as one of the producers for the 24 Hour Show, Irregular Productions produced a variety concert, ‘Not the 24 Hour Show’, to help raise much-needed funds for the Muscular Dystrophy Association of South Australia.

Irregular Productions are excited to be staging their first Fringe show in the 2013.